Welcome to my blog, about Nicaragua and Central America, development, travel, photography, and all things ‘Latino’. I worked in Central America in the 1980’s, and lived in El Salvador in the 1990’s. Recently I lived here again (from 2016-2018), this time working with NGOs in Nicaragua. This is my personal blog: nothing written here represents my employers or any other agency.

Caminando in Spanish means Walking…  As long as we are walking, we’re going forward, we’re making progress. The blog is called Nicaragua Caminando – I’m not sure where we are going but we should try to enjoy the journey.

Please hit the follow button below so the blog arrives safely in your inbox every couple of months. Do write your opinions in the Comments area, and if you would like to contribute a Guest Blog just let me know. Please feel free to share via facebook or twitter or any other way!

De vez en cuando voy poner articulos en español. Si usted quiere escribir – contribuir un articulo, mandemelo y voy a ver si le puedo incluir, como un ‘guest editor’. Me gustari tener mas en los dos idiomas. Gracias.

Twitter: @owstonlewis

Instagram: owstonlewis

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