Photo Gallery – Doors of Leon

Leon is an old colonial town, slightly crumbling around the edges but that’s one of  the reasons we like it. One of the delights is walking around the side-streets. On every block there are beautiful doorways to be seen:

Watching the world go by…

Pastel colours.

 Window shadows

 The biggest door in town

 Rocking chair

 Crumbling facade

 Dawn, and working

 Red hues

 Preparing for Easter

 Ready for action

 Jazz practice

 Rainy season

 Cycling to work

 Time for a chat

 My favourite…? Almost like an oil painting

Which is your favourite? And what can you learn about Leon from looking at these photos? Please write your views on the ‘Comments’ box below.

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  1. John Perry · September 2, 2017

    Excellent photos, Steve, and very evocative of Leon. You inspire me to complete my own series of shots on ‘old Nicaraguan houses’!


    • stevenicaragua · September 2, 2017

      Thanks John.
      Maybe all us expats here take photos of the old houses, while the Nicaraguans would like to live in modern concrete and glass houses which don’t leak in the rain!


  2. Helen Devries · September 2, 2017

    So evocative…we will have to return to Nicaragua…and this time visit Leon.


    • stevenicaragua · September 3, 2017

      A group of about 12 comes from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania every year in August. A nice way to travel and make new friends. You are welcome to come with that group and spend time in Leon again.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Helen Devries · September 3, 2017

        Thank you! All depends on my husband`s state of health. We used to visit Matagalpa once or twice a year…but for some reason never made it to Leon.


      • David Pack · September 4, 2017

        how is it for rainy season in August?


      • stevenicaragua · September 4, 2017

        Its fine. Sometimes it rains hard in the afternoon but that doesnt matter much because you don’t get cold. The rain provides variety and cools the city down a bit. I prefer the rainy season to the very hot, unvarying dry season


  3. Will · September 2, 2017

    Very pretty a la shabby chique. Great pics


  4. Lucy Dean · September 3, 2017

    Pick just one … impossible, if I Have to I pick just one it would be the early morning picture, the colour of the light, the long shadows,
    My other favourites are the pink door, the blue door, the rocking chair, the orange barred window and I like the purple ribbons against the yellow wall preparing for Easter.


  5. Lucy Dean · September 3, 2017

    What does it tell me about Nicaragua,? I suppose that there is a much simpler way of life for many, poverty too, but we are getting a certain aesthetic view through your eyes, perhaps you didn’t take photos of shiny brand new doors? Should we be careful if not making assumptions from a collection of photos.


    • stevenicaragua · September 3, 2017

      See my reply to John Perry below. Although I think in Leon the old houses outnumber the modern by about 9 to 1. XX


  6. Lynn Bell · September 4, 2017

    Only been to Leon for the day with vivid memories evoked by your excellent photos, Steve. Love to you both.


  7. Graham Loveland · September 8, 2017

    All good; particularly like the one with the trumpet player


  8. Carl Boyer III · September 13, 2017

    My favorite is the one of working, at dawn. Beautiful picture, and great composition. Yes, I love doorways, the more rustic the better.


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