Gallery: Easter in Leon / Semana Santa en Leon

San Benardino day, in San Francisco church

Monday before Easter


Easter, dusk edit

A week before Easter

Easter choir boys

Youth assembly


Making the sawdust carpets


Sawdust Jesus


A Living Tableau


Sawdust carpets attract lots of visitors

Youth in the Church

Youth still very active in the Church, unlike in the UK


Night processions


Procession for San Bernadino

Monday of Easter week

On the route of the procession


Street shrine

Street shrine with band

Tableua, ancient & modern

Tableau, Ancient & Modern

Black candles for San Bernadino

Black candles for the black saint San Bernadino

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  1. Kath Owston · April 3, 2016

    Lovely photos and great to have been able to share Easter with you. Leon is a super place to be, despite the heat. Daily up to 38 degrees!


  2. Anna Lewis · April 6, 2016

    great pics! xxxxx


  3. Sally · April 16, 2016

    Great pictures Steve though I have always found this kind of Catholic festival creepy and maudlin. Your pictures capture that but I’m sure that being there was actually lively and fun!


    • · April 17, 2016

      The live tableaux certainly was very maudlin of Jesus covered in blood!!


  4. Gloria G. · April 9, 2017

    Very pretty pictures. One correction though. The saint they celebrate on Monday of Easter Week is called San Benito. There is a procession where people wear white clothing and carry a candle as a way of thanking God for a grace received through the intercession of San Benito.


    • stevenicaragua · April 9, 2017

      Thanks Gloria. We are going again this year.


      • Gloria G. · April 9, 2017

        Wish you the best and that every year you can understand better what goes on in Easter Week here. Nicaragua (different to Costa Rica) seems to still have more traditions that may not be well understood out of here. The traditional element goes together in many cases with the spiritual part. I heard of 75 Costa Ricans coming on a tour for Easter Week. It sounds we will be visited by lots of people. God bless you!


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